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At The Gut Health Doctor our goal is to empower and inspire everyone to enjoy good gut health. We have created this page because we know just how motivating it is to hear others’ experiences.

Focusing on gut health and plant diversity can bring about very real and far-reaching benefits and so we are proud to share stories from our community. We hope this will not only empower you to bring about your own gut health transformation but to share your story to motivate others, too.

From our community

Photo of Julie from Manchester


Manchester, England

I was diagnosed with silent reflux about 6 years ago after several years of frightening incidents. I went on an exclusively wholefoods, plant-based diet last January and successfully came off my prescribed medication. With resources provided by The Gut Health Doctor, I am really happy to have brought my condition under control without replying on drugs. Hurray for plants!


East Surrey, England

A shock diagnosis of gestational diabetes at 30 terrified me. I have read and researched gut health including reading Dr Megan Rossi’s books and I started actively cooking from scratch fibre rich plant-based meals. I have recently had blood work done and everything is in top order. I am feeling the best I have ever felt… !


Surrey, England

I’m 68 and after a life of being relatively healthy, it was a bit of a shock to have a heart attack. My daughter immediately got me an appointment at The Gut Health Clinic and ordered me one of Dr Megan Rossi’s books. My eating is completely different now and I am developing a new respect for what can be created using healthy ingredients.


Kent, England

I started to have various joint weakness, inflammation issues and was very low in iron. I got ‘Eat More, Live Well’… The majority of my meals are now recipes from the book. Within 6 weeks my energy levels started to improve. I have been astonished at how much I have learned during this process.


Lisburn, Northern Ireland

I suffered with gut issues for years following two major surgeries. I bought ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ and haven’t looked back. Within a number of weeks my energy levels increased. I felt so much better within myself, my hair/skin had improved in strength, no gut pain or issues at all – to say I was ecstatic was an understatement!


London, England

I took little time to make sure I was looked after. This finally took a toll on my bowel with constant constipation, which resulted in haemorrhoids and polyps. I had to have several operations. Thanks to Dr Megan Rossi’s blogs, books and studies, I have managed to change my bowel habits. I feel free and happy again!


Stockholm, Sweden

In 2018, I became the illest I’ve ever been. My mouth turned white, I had mouth ulcers, lost lots of weight and had no energy. I stumbled across Dr Megan Rossi’s Instagram and read up on IBS and IBD. Two weeks into trying the plant focused diet my symptoms significantly improved. This has given me a whole new perspective that has changed my life.

Share your story

Has improving your gut health transformed any aspects of your body or life? Has eating a more diverse range of plants changed your physical or emotional well-being? If so, we’d love to hear from you. If your story is published and you live in mainland UK, you’ll receive a free gut-loving Bio&Me food bundle worth £100 to celebrate your achievements and to thank you for helping to inspire others! If you live outside of mainland UK, we can look at an alternative gift for you.

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