Lisburn, Northern Ireland

I am a 42 year old woman who had suffered gut issues for a number of years following two major surgeries. The second surgery of which was in 2018, where a bowel obstruction due to scar tissue from the first surgery, meant I was very unwell and my gut health was at its lowest.

I listened to Dr Megan Rossi on the Chris Evans show in October 2020 and I was hooked. I bought her first book ‘Eat Yourself Healthyand haven’t looked back. Whilst I always ate healthily and exercised, I realised I was eating all the same foods and my microbiome was suffering. I started my diary and changed my diet: eating more plant foods, introducing salads with all my family dinners, making super soups for lunch (incorporating 15 plant foods in one pot) and cutting out all processed food.

Within a number of weeks my energy levels increased. I felt so much better within myself, my hair/skin had improved in strength, no gut pain or issues at all – to say I was ecstatic was an understatement! I have continued to use your model in my life everyday and my families, along with cold water swimming for scar inflammation and breathing exercises, I feel this combination is the secret to a healthy balanced life, both physically and mentally.

I share your story with anyone who listens and believe your model should be in our GP surgeries and hospitals (for those leaving after major surgery who were like me all those years ago with no clue how to get better) and schools as well!! I am so passionate about how this has helped me and I think you are all amazing. Many thanks again and as they say in Belfast keep her lit!

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