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The Gut Health Clinic

As a registered dietitian, Dr Megan Rossi’s foremost passion is to help people through personalised guidance. She saw that people were receiving nutrition advice that was not evidence-based, leading to suboptimal results and wanted to provide the high quality, results-driven service that people deserved.

In 2019, Megan brought together leading dietitians from King’s College to establish a London-based clinic for those suffering from issues in their gut and beyond. The Clinic now offers support for all nutritional needs using the latest scientifically proven strategies — from food intolerances and allergies to weight management, mental health, women’s health & more.

Specialist team of dietitians

The Clinic has a team of 10 registered dietitians: one of the largest private dietetic teams in the UK and still growing. Each dietitian has their unique speciality area and uses the latest proven strategies to build personalised action plans. This enables the Clinic to support everything from gut issues to diabetes, sports performance and oncology.

The team offers virtual and face-to-face appointments from our London clinic, as well as specialist services for companies. Our corporate wellness offering includes well-being workshops, pop up clinics, dietitians on demand and menu consultation.

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Is your gut healthy?

Take our quick quiz to give you helpful insight into the current state of your gut health. By assessing your symptoms, family history, immunity, mood and other lifestyle factors, you can be informed on the most effective areas to kickstart your own gut health transformation.

Mike's transformation story

I’m 68 and after a life of being relatively healthy, it was a bit of a shock to have a heart attack. My daughter immediately got me an appointment at The Gut Health Clinic and ordered me one of Dr Megan Rossi’s books. My eating is completely different now and I am developing a new respect for what can be created using healthy ingredients.

Mike - Surrey, England

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