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New Forest, UK

Over the years, I’ve had several proctoscopies and 2 colonoscopies for rectal bleeding. Haemorrhoids have been both banded and injected, providing only temporary relief over my working life. Despite previously working as a GP, I’ve gained most of my knowledge around gut health in retirement.

By following The Gut Health Doctor, I’ve learnt about the importance of aiming to get 30 plant points a week. Dr Megan Rossi’s recipes, blog posts and Bio&Me products were a startling revelation and as a result I’ve added more seeds and nuts, spices as well as a wider range of fruit and vegetables into my diet. I’ve also started eating more fermented foods including yoghurt and kefir with my breakfast.

It is now several years since I had a rectal bleed or felt piles and I feel much more confident about my bowel habit. It’s also had a positive effect on my energy levels and I’m able to walk much further every day with my cockapoo companion. All in all, discovering The Gut Health Doctor and implementing the advice has allowed me to feel much more content in my day-to-day life!

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