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Bloating Masterclass - COMING THIS JULY

Is bloating getting you down?

Led by an award-winning gut health scientist at King’s College London, Sunday Times bestseller and founder of The Gut Health Clinic; Dr Megan Rossi’s (PhD, RD) Bloating Masterclass will guide you on a journey to better master your bloating.

Through comprehensive, on-demand training and tools, Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD) will help you to identify your unique dietary and lifestyle bloating triggers and will guide you through the science-backed debloating strategies, providing insight into the 22 key dietary and lifestyle triggers. She will empower you with her science-backed ‘3T method’, to help you feel more comfortable, confident and in control.

Lynn's experience

I wish I would have followed this masterclass at the very beginning of my gut issue journey, 4 years ago. Would have saved me loads of time and money.

DEC 2023

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Quotes bases on hundreds of responses to an Instagram story, asking readers: "How does bloating impact you physically and emotionally?".

Are you burdened by bloating?


Most people get a little bloated from time to time and that is completely normal.

But for some, it can become a stressful part of life, especially if it impacts your confidence and energy levels or makes you feel physically uncomfortable. Many people say it makes them embarrassed, self-conscious and insecure. It may even affect your desire to go out, exercise and meet up with friends.

Everyone wants a quick fix but sadly it’s not as simple as taking a supplement, drinking a tea or potentially unnecessarily restricting foods. This is because we are all unique with different dietary, lifestyle and medical triggers, requiring individualised and often multi-strategy approaches.

That is where the Bloating Masterclass comes in. Dr Megan Rossi has distilled 14 years of clinical gut health experience and expertise into a results-driven, science-backed and easy-to-follow masterclass. Her ‘3T method’ removes the complexity and confusion surrounding burdensome bloating to give you back control and confidence with a systematic plan.

When will the masterclass take place?


The Bloating Masterclass is now a series of on-demand virtual lessons delivered by Dr Megan Rossi.

It will be broken down into 18 digestible lessons (ranging between 2-10 minutes) that you can complete at a time and place that works best for you.

Plus, you’ll have at least 12 weeks of access to the comprehensive tools and resources on your personal portal, as well as a live monthly Q&A with a registered dietitian from The Gut Health Clinic to help you stay on top of your bloating.

Yasmin's experience

The masterclass was really well-structured and I really like that you include the science, as it’s very important for me to understand where my issues come from. I learned so much more than at any doctor’s appointment I’ve been for the last couple of years.

DEC 2023

All videos will be available on-demand and with English subtitles.

The masterclass will help you to:

✔ Gain a deeper scientific understanding of your bloating, including types and underlying mechanisms.

✔ Implement your own Debloat Action Plan to identify and target your personal bloating triggers.

✔ Highlight medical red flags and when you might need further investigations.

✔ Stop living in fear of unknown triggers or unnecessarily cutting out foods (which can do more harm than good).

✔ Optimise your diet and lifestyle choices for your specific type of bloating and individual needs.

✔ Save time and money on invalid tests and products that don’t work.

✔ Feel more comfortable, confident and in control of your bloating.


Available on-demand for only £70.

Includes additional training sessions and new resources, 18 digestible lessons and a comprehensive toolkit with expert videos. Plus, a live monthly Q&A with one of our specialist dietitians at The Gut Health Clinic to help answer your burning questions.

Alexi's experience

This was the most comprehensive and generous masterclass that I have ever attended. I am incredibly grateful, as I took this masterclass not only for myself but for my 19-year-old son who suffers with GI challenges.

DEC 2023

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The go-to gut health expert


As the foremost international expert in gut health, Dr Megan Rossi has not only dedicated her award-winning PhD to gut health but also her entire academic, clinical, and public-facing career. Megan knows firsthand the impact of gut health symptoms and how common and burdensome bloating can be for people. As well as the negative impact of ineffective ‘debloating’ solutions and misconceptions, which not only waste people’s time and money but, sadly, even exacerbate their symptoms.

As a result, Megan has distilled her 14 years of experience as a gut health expert, including as a Research Fellow at King’s College London and practising clinician, into one easy-to-understand masterclass. This includes her science-backed 3T method that was developed after seeing the results her clients achieved in clinic. The Bloating Masterclass is designed to empower anyone struggling with bloating to feel more comfortable and in control — all at an affordable price.

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Will I receive personalised support?

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This Bloating Masterclass cannot replace the role of your healthcare professional or registered dietitian. If you have complex medical issues or are looking for specific guidance with a diagnosis then we recommend seeking 1:1 support.

All the training and resources provided are to act as a self help guide for your own use. All the content provided is educational and informational only and should not be used to diagnose or treat any health issues without consulting your own healthcare professional.

Enrolling in this masterclass does not make Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD) your healthcare professional and she is unable to provide personal medical or nutritional advice for individuals in this masterclass. For diagnosis and treatment of health issues or conditions, you must consult and seek advice from your healthcare professional directly.

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