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Yorkshire, UK

As I approached my 50’s I was feeling unhappy with my weight, energy and gut health. I would often experience IBS in response to certain foods, bloating, a huge dip in energy and general feelings of anxiety were increasing. My diet was red meat heavy and after having my bloods taken, I found out that my iron levels were way too high.

I went on quite a journey from around 45 years, with the explicit goal of feeling emotionally and physically better in my 50’s.
Although I didn’t know it at that time, I discovered that I was in the peri menopausal stage at 48. This is another reason to really focus on improving your gut health as it helps with some of the symptoms.

I discovered The Gut Health Doctor on Instagram, and this was quite an eye opener. I changed my diet, cutting out most of the red meat I had and eventually excluding it completely, which was right for me. I ate more fish and lots more plant based foods, following tasty recipes and ideas from the TGHD really helped and I love the ‘plant points’ that are tagged to each recipe. Buying products recommended by TGHD gave me assurance that I was getting the best support for my goals. As I ate more plant based foods my energy stopped dipping and as my body wasn’t trying to digest heavy red meats and ultra processed carbs at night, I also slept better and the weight started to shift.

Today at 53 I feel healthier, happier and more empowered than ever. Education and awareness is key to starting to make the changes you need to get back to health.

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