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As an award-winning gut health scientist and registered dietitian, Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD) founded The Gut Health Doctor to empower everyone to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

From providing personalised support via The Gut Health Clinic, supporting workplace wellbeing and helping people master burdensome bloating via a specialist Bloating Masterclass, we strive to support everyone with their gut health.

We can also help you start your own gut transformation using the latest scientific research, translated into gut-boosting recipes, practical strategies, evidence-backed books and personalised support, we want to help you start your own gut transformation.



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Do you really need more digestive enzymes?

With everyone now latching onto the power of the gut, including supplement manufacturers, there are more pills than ever out there claiming to optimise your digestive health. Vitamin and mineral supplements are putting nutraceutical companies on the map (think nutrition and pharmaceutical combined). These companies are offering multivitamins, special combinations for particular purposes (e.g. ‘supporting’ your digestive system), probiotics and new generation categories such as adaptogens (which claim to protect you from stress). With all these new products flooding the market, do you find it hard to navigate the maze of different products and claims to know which preparations are best for you?

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Julie's transformation story

For over 35 years I experienced gut issues ranging from IBS, diverticulitis and extreme bloating… I then came across Dr Megan online and bought her first book which I read from cover to cover and decided this was to become my go-to… I can happily say that at 65 I have never felt better thanks to Dr Megan.

Julie - Andalucia, Spain

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