East Surrey, England

Growing up I led an active childhood and enjoyed being outside and partaking in sports and physical activities. As my teenage years arrived with the temptations of tech, I found myself indoors and sitting longer than ever before either in front of a computer device, a phone or a TV. As I moved out and started to live on my own, long hours of work and tiredness crept in and I fell into lazy lifestyle habits of not prioritising my nutrition or exercise. During my late 20s I started to noticeably put on weight around my middle.

A shock diagnosis of gestational diabetes at 30 during the Covid-19 lockdown terrified me, coupled with a strong family history of type 2 diabetes. I became acutely aware I had probably let myself become insulin resistant. Gestational diabetes is largely misunderstood yet there are certain risk factors. I am the type of body shape whereby I have to be very careful with my weight especially as any unnecessary weight gain gathers around my middle.

I believe this life event gave me a kickstart to overhaul my lifestyle. I have prioritised my health and well-being, focusing on exercise, quality nutrition and giving attention to my mental well-being and reducing my stress. I have read and researched gut health including reading Dr Megan Rossi’s books and I started actively cooking from scratch fibre rich plant-based meals.

I have fallen back in love with exercise including resistance training and weights and I love to walk everywhere! My lifestyle overhaul has not only made me healthier for my family but I am imparting knowledge onto my young son. Hobbies and classes are now a huge part of my life and I love keeping fit, active and meeting like-minded people through leisure activities.

I have recently had blood work done and everything is in top order. I am feeling the best I have ever felt and love eating a rainbow variety of fruit, vegetables and legumes!

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