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North Buckinghamshire, UK

I am a recent retiree, and have collected my fair share of ailments along the way, a cocktail of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a few stents to boot. Seven daily medications, one to offset the impact on my stomach of some of the other six!

My gut health journey began earlier this year, when I tested as having blood sugar treading into type 2 territory. At that point I had two choices: even more medication or a rapid change in lifestyle. I chose the latter, within 3 months I was comfortably within normal blood sugar range, now after 8 months I am 23kg lighter, fitter than I can remember and eating incredibly well. In those 8 months, I haven’t calorie counted. I’m an evangelist, sharing my story with anyone who will listen.

The first conscious step I took was by almost accident – I came across Megan’s article and recipe for fermented wheaten bread and I’ve been eating it ever since. It’s not that one recipe that has made the difference, but what stands behind it. I’ve transformed my diet from “5 a day” to “30 a week,” albeit in the last month I have averaged over 60 a week, whilst also widening and extending my hobbies to promote a better and healthier life. Thank you Dr Megan Rossi!

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