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Do you know the key bloating triggers and solutions? Have you fallen prey to bloating myths and misconceptions?

When it comes to bloating there is so much misinformation out there that can often make bloating worse. This prevents people finding science-backed solutions that really work.

Take Dr Megan Rossi’s bloating quiz to see how savvy your knowledge is when it comes to bloating.

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Are you burdened by bloating?

Dr Megan Rossi’s (PhD, RD) Bloating Masterclass will guide you on a journey to better master your bloating. Combines virtual training with guidance, tools and expert resources to support you to feel more confident, comfortable and in control of your bloating.

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Berzhang's transformation story

In 2018, I became the illest I’ve ever been. My mouth turned white, I had mouth ulcers, lost lots of weight and had no energy. I stumbled across Dr Megan Rossi’s Instagram and read up on IBS and IBD. Two weeks into trying the plant focused diet my symptoms significantly improved. This has given me a whole new perspective that has changed my life.

Berzhang - Stockholm, Sweden

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