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Gut health tools

Boosting the health of your gut is key to transforming your overall health and wellbeing. To help guide you on your gut health journey, we have created tools and assessments that take the guess work out of how to optimise your health. These are designed to work alongside Dr Megan Rossi’s (PhD, RD) first book ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’.

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My Gut Diary’ helps you to keep track of your gut health and any potential triggers including diet, stress, sleep and movement. This empowers you to become your own gut health detective. The ‘Gut Health Assessments’ booklet is designed to help you build your very own gut health action plan using our science-backed strategies.

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The Gut Health Clinic: Support for all your nutritional needs

Do you want to overcome a symptom, condition or achieve a health goal? From gut disorders and food allergies to weight management, menopause & more. Get personalised support from our specialist registered dietitians, using the latest scientifically proven strategies.

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