A photo of Shelley smiling. She has brunette, mid-length hair and is wearing a striped top.


Leicestershire, UK

I experienced digestive issues including acid reflux, constant nausea and indigestion for about a decade. I was diagnosed with IBS in 2017 but despite cutting out certain foods and buying different supplements, my symptoms kept getting worse.

By following Dr Megan Rossi’s advice, I learnt about the vitamins and nutrients I need to include in my diet without relying on unnecessary supplements. I also learnt about mindful eating and its benefits – this is now a regular practice of mine. Instead of rushing through my meals, I take my time and always start with diaphragmatic breathing to lower my stress levels and help reduce any digestive symptoms. Plus after watching interviews with Megan, following her on social media and reading her book – her mantra ‘INclusion not EXclusion’ has really stuck with me.

Dr Megan Rossi taught me how to use food to help heal my gut and I’m finally feeling like my old self. After increasing my plant points, I feel so much happier, I’m sleeping better and I’m thriving! It feels so good to be able to enjoy life again.


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