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The truth is, even if ‘high quality’ or ‘proven to survive’, not only are most probiotics on the market ineffective, but certain types may create or exacerbate issues like bloating. Much like medications, probiotics should be considered in terms of their indications, for example if you have diabetes then you’re not going to assume a treatment for arthritis will benefit you. 

In order to have a health benefit, you need to make sure firstly that there is evidence that probiotics can help with your condition, and then secondly make sure you’re taking the right  strain (the science name for types of bacteria) that has a proven beneficial effect with regards to your symptom or condition. For example, there is currently a lack of evidence that taking an oral probiotic can help with acne. But there is good evidence to show that taking an oral probiotic can help with reducing your risk of antibiotic associated diarrhoea (lose poops when you take antibiotics, which affects around 30% of people). But it’s vital that you take the right strain for this indication – this is what Megan is currently researching to share with you. 

Many people waste their money on generalised probiotics ‘for good gut health’ due to convincing ads and influencer marketing. Sadly, there is no scientific evidence that taking a probiotic can support general gut health. Eating more diverse plants is the best way to achieve that.

Before handing over your hard-earned cash (and putting your gut at potential risk), always ensure there is a clinical trial study to back the exact strain you take (not a collation of all different strains as they can compete with each other) and it’s matched to the health issue you’re trying to manage. This is an area that Megan feels really passionate about (having done her PhD in probiotics and prebiotics) and is working to empower everyone on probiotic science, so we can all get the most out of this exciting area of research (without being misled).

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