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Warwickshire, UK

My relationship with food has always been pretty poor. I always reached for convenient, quick and easy foods, without paying any thought to how this impacted my mind and body. I also suffered a lot from bloating and lethargy and never felt 100% well. However, I never put this down to my diet at the time. During the COVID pandemic, my role in the NHS escalated, and my reliance on convenience foods increased tenfold. I remember feeling constantly stressed and tired, yet I couldn’t sleep at night, and the bloating became constant.

I knew I had to change something, as I couldn’t keep feeling like this. I decided that managing my stress was the most important action I needed to take, so I took up yoga and meditation. This became part of my morning and bedtime routine and it made me feel better and more self-aware. I started to become a little more interested in wellbeing and began listening to various health podcasts and doing my own research, which is where I realised that changing my diet was the next step I needed to take.

I came across The Gut Health Doctor’s book ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ and became hooked. Everything made sense, as it taught me how my diet could be drastically impacting my physical and mental health. The book educated me on the nutrients my body needed and why, and its resources helped me to build up my weekly plant points, create colourful dishes and batch cook, which really fit into my busy lifestyle.

Using movement and The Gut Health Doctor’s approach of turning to a more diverse, plant-based lifestyle, my health changed drastically. The bloating has subsided massively, my energy levels are much higher and my skin looks and feels so much healthier. I even find I can manage my stress levels a lot more effectively. Because of this, I have now taken to cooking from scratch with more varied, fresh ingredients. I have even experimented with different foods and recipes that I never thought I would even try, let alone cook with on a regular basis. I would recommend The Gut Health Doctor’s approach to anyone, as it has transformed my lifestyle and wellbeing.

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