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How do I book an initial consultation?

Which dietitian should I see for my initial consultation?

How much will my initial consultation cost?

Do you take insurance clients?

What can I expect from my initial consultation?

Do I need to prepare anything for my initial consultation?

Do I need any tests before my initial consultation?

What happens after my initial consultation?

How many appointments will I need?

What if I book and change my mind or can’t make the appointment?

Will I be recommended nutritional supplements?

What if I need other tests or treatments?

Do you offer testing (such as microbiome testing)?

Mike's transformation story

I’m 68 and after a life of being relatively healthy, it was a bit of a shock to have a heart attack. My daughter immediately got me an appointment at The Gut Health Clinic and ordered me one of Dr Megan Rossi’s books. My eating is completely different now and I am developing a new respect for what can be created using healthy ingredients.

Mike - Surrey, England