Dr Megan Rossi eating a bowl of Bio&Me granola

The Bio&Me range

Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD) realised that there was a gap in the market for supermarket foods that truly deliver on gut health promises. She wanted to bridge the divide between science and the food industry by providing credibly delicious options that she could confidently recommend to her clients and so co-founded Bio&Me with Jon Walsh in 2019.

Since then the range has grown to encompass gut-loving granolas, mueslis, porridges and live kefir yoghurts – all prebiotic, no added sugar, no emulsifiers and deliciously moreish. Not only award-winning, they have also become the fastest-growing cereal in the UK and are available in all major supermarkets!

Range of Bio&Me range of products

Gut-loving goodness

We get that everyone leads busy lives, so our range of gut-loving prebiotic products make looking after your gut deliciously easy. 

Our granolas, porridges and mueslis are packed with 13+ different types of plant goodness. The prebiotic live kefir yoghurts contain 18 different live and active cultures, including two of the worlds most studied types (totalling over 700 billion cultures per pot). 

We’ve also recently launched new gluten free and FODMAP-friendly products!

Bio&Me recipes

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