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Workplace wellbeing

A 2022 survey by Engage Health Group revealed that 9 in 10 employees chose health as their top and main priority, yet only 1 in 3 of those employees feel their employer is interested in, or prioritises, their mental and physical wellbeing.

What we eat profoundly impacts our health and it has been proven that our gut is linked to our immunity, mental health, metabolism and much more.

By investing in the right education, support and nourishment for employees, you also benefit from a thriving team with better productivity, attendance and morale. We have a team of expert registered dietitians at The Gut Health Clinic to make this happen for your business.

For all your workplace wellbeing needs, please reach out to Shirley Hunter, our Brand & Marketing Director: [email protected].

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Educational talks

In 2019, Reward & Employee Benefits Associate found that employees who eat poorly are 93% more likely to see a higher loss in productivity. Our educational and interactive talks prioritise employees’ wellbeing by empowering them with practical nutrition and lifestyle-based strategies and science. As a result, employees have the know-how to feel and perform their best. Dispelling myths and misconceptions, our expert registered dietitians can share evidence-backed advice on how to look after their gut so it can look after them in return. We can also cover a range of specialist talks from mental health to menopause and athletic performance. We can deliver on whichever topics are important and relevant for your team. This is our most popular and cost-effective workplace wellbeing service.

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Wellbeing workshops

Mental Health UK estimates that we consume as much as 60% of our food and drink in the workplace. Engaging and interactive workshops provide the opportunity to get hands on with a positive food-related activity, from DIY kefir and kombucha to smoothie or yoghurt-making sessions. This means not only a fun activity, but for employees to learn by proxy about the importance of 30+ plant points and delicious diversity. It’s a great start to promoting workplace wellbeing.

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Nutrition consultancy

The Office for National Statistics reported in 2019 that 97 million days are lost every year due to poor eating. We can provide a wide-range of nutrition consultancy, including menu and recipe analysis for your staff eating areas/canteens and recipe development for wellness events. In addition to nutrition resources on key topics, such as eating for mental performance, blood pressure, cholesterol and gut health. Food is an engaging way to educate and bring people together, while also ensuring that your team is nourished to fuel their performance, as well as their wellbeing.

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Canteen takeovers

A food takeover can be a fun way to ensure employees feel that their health and wellbeing are being prioritised. As well as reviews and recommendations for onsite canteens, kitchens or vending machines, we can organise pop-up smoothie stands or kitchen takeover days to show employees tasty and easy to make gut-loving food in action. We can also bring Bio&Me samples and copies of ‘Eat More, Live Well’ when suitable for extra support.

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Dietitians on demand

In 2014, The Public Health England released stats revealing that 1 in 4 UK employees report having a physical health condition, and that 1 in 3 of those with a long-term health condition have not discussed it with their employer. Access to confidential and remote support with registered dietitians provides your employees with a personalised plan that encompasses their diet and lifestyle. This can help to overcome any symptoms and conditions they suffer with — as well as reach personal goals — having a positive effect on numerous aspects related to work life.

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Pop-up clinic

The Public Health England found in 2019 that 34 million days are lost every year due to minor illness and 34.3 million due to stress, depression and anxiety. Offering employees face-to-face consultations with an expert dietitian onsite can give them the personalised help supported with practical guidance on how to combat any symptoms and conditions or achieve their goals. We can organise pre-consultation questionnaires and food diaries before the session to enhance each consultation, alongside a documented action plan and supporting information emailed following the session.

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Assessments, screening and testing

Figures from the Office for National Statistics released in 2022 revealed that unemployment due to long-term sickness had reached record levels. We can organise a health assessment day with registered dietitians to measure and assess employee’s health status, empowering them to make any necessary changes to safeguard their health and commitment to their career. Assessments can include cholesterol and blood fat profiling, vitamin/mineral screening, blood glucose challenges, blood pressure and body composition parameters, in addition to recommendations for further clinical investigations as appropriate.

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Product development consultancy

With our expertise in all things gut health and beyond, we can help brands and businesses to build on their understanding of nutrition and health and help develop innovative products to meet the growing evidence-based nutrition needs in the market and for their clients. Through talks, workshops and research, we can support the development process from ideation to testing.

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