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Andalucia, Spain

For over 35 years I experienced gut issues ranging from IBS, diverticulitis and extreme bloating. I rarely had a settled period and it affected my quality of life. I was bamboozled by all the conflicting advice online and tried various diets, supplements and even cutting out gluten, but none of these provided long-term solutions.

I then came across Dr Megan online and bought her first book which I read from cover to cover and decided this was to become my go-to! Her no-nonsense approach with the focus on inclusivity has become my mantra. Instead of eliminating certain food groups, I now follow a predominantly plant-based diet and even make my own Sauerkraut and granola thanks to Megan!

Ensuring that I meet my 30 plant points a week has changed my life and I can confidently make the food choices that make me feel good, even when I’m travelling. I’ve just returned from Italy where I enjoyed some amazing pasta and a little pizza which I would never have dared to try before. I can happily say that at 65 I have never felt better thanks to Dr Megan.


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