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Dr Emily Porter Lucy Kerrison

Are you lost and confused as to what diet you should be following to achieve healthy weight? We are living in a world where diet culture and nutritional misinformation is dominating. Therefore the need for evidence-based advice for weight management is more important than ever.

Our team of weight loss dietitian experts can provide individualised plans to support your weight management goals by encouraging and supporting realistic and sustainable changes. We advocate a kind and compassionate approach to weight management which is not not driven by punishment and restriction, working towards a healthy relationship with food. 

Whether you’re a professional or a recreational athlete, getting your nutrition and hydration strategies right for your sport can help improve every aspect of your performance and health. It will enable you to train longer and harder, delay the onset of fatigue, recover faster, enhance your performance, protect your immune system, optimise your body composition, improve your strength and reduce your risk of injury.

Sports nutrition and hydration isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Working with a qualified sports and exercise nutrition dietitian will help create an individualised strategy that works for you, taking into account and helping you manage any challenges you may have, for example ‘Exercise Induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome’ or ‘runners tummy’.

Regarding any other conditions or difficulties you are experiencing, for example fatigue, skin health or pregnancy, our team can analyse your current diet to make bespoke recommendations to have a positive impact on your health. We can offer you expert guidance and end confusion about lots of those fad diets that are commonly attempted to get on top of symptoms.

We will work with you to develop a nutritional plan and stay motivated and empowered about controlling your conditions for the long-term, so get in touch if you’d like to book a consultation!

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