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Founded by Dr Megan Rossi (PhD BHSc RD APD), we’re here to inspire and empower everyone to enjoy good gut health by sharing fad-free information and trusted advice that’s easy to digest and backed up by credible science.

Looking after your gut is one of the most
effective ways to enhance your overall health
and wellbeing.



We’re helping hundreds of thousands of people embrace the power of their guts and enjoy good gut health every day, with books,  clinics, gut-loving food products as well as easy-to-digest advice and deliciously diverse recipes for our newsletter subscribers (it’s free to join!) and on social media.

But this is just the beginning of the journey and we have so much more to come, to help everyone become their healthiest, happiest self from the inside out… we can’t wait to share it all with you! Megan has been busy finalising her much anticipated second book Eat More Live Well to be released 30th December 2021, whilst also welcoming her second born into the world, Archie (Pistachio her puppy will always be her first born 😉).

We also launched Bio&Me’s gut-loving prebiotic live yoghurts. Filled with billions of live n’ active cultures (including 2 of the world’s most studied types!) they’re now available in Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Coop…with more supermarkets coming soon!


Megan’s first book Eat Yourself Healthy went international, released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, as well as the US and Canada as Love Your Gut! And we’ve got more international launches to come…


In 2020, Bio&Me landed in Waitrose, Wholefoods, Selfridges and As Nature Intended across the UK. We’ve been busy developing exciting new products too, which we can’t wait for you to try. Megan was also incredibly humbled to receive the Young Australian of The Year in the UK award from the Australian High Commission for her contribution to science and public education.



A big year for gut health – and for our team!

Bringing together a team of gut-specialist registered dietitians, Megan founded The Gut Health Clinic in London to make an evidence-based approach more accessible and get people’s guts back on track. Passionate about making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, Megan also joined the IBS Network Expert Advisory Board and Bowel & Cancer Research UK Research Grants Committee.

Megan’s first book, Eat Yourself Healthy, was published in September and she was left in shock when it immediately became an Amazon and The Sunday Times bestseller! Megan also landed her own column for Women’s Health to break the taboo around our guts: Never TMI with Dr Megan Rossi.

Refusing to let food industry cloud the shelves with fad-filled gut-health products, Megan founded Bio&Me to bridge the gap between the science and our food, with a passion for helping people look after their health from the inside out. Food that tastes good and does our gut good too. First came our deliciously diverse Gut-Loving Granola in four flavours, each filled with 15 plant points, high in fibre, prebiotics and all with no added sugar. We hit the shelves of Planet Organic and Boots in November, it was feeling very surreal! And it was all thanks to the incredible support from our amazing community – who will always be the driving force at the centre of everything we do.

On a personal note, Megan jetted off to Italy to marry her now-husband, Thomas, who is a GP for the NHS, and welcomed puppy Pistachio into their lives!



Gut health became the No.1 trend – and one of our top global health concerns. But with that came a lot of false information and misleading messages…

To Megan’s surprise (and huge excitement!), she was approached by Penguin Life to write a book – an ultimate lifestyle guide to gut health. Megan poured her heart and soul into writing a book packed with all you need to know about the gut, how to look after it with practical diet and lifestyle strategies, along with inspirational recipes that not only taste good but do your gut good too. No complicated science, no jargon and definitely no magic fixes or restrictive diets!

Megan also had the honour of meeting HRH Princess Anne, who presented her with an award from the British Nutrition Foundation (Megan’s mum was definitely more excited about meeting a royal than the award!).


Frustrated that her research findings weren’t reaching the public, and instead seeing the fad and potentially dangerous misinformation being spread, Megan set out to share fad-free information on social media to bust myths and combat misinformation. And The Gut Health Doctor was born!

Megan started hosting events and talks, writing articles, and was invited to speak on a number of podcasts. She was also lucky enough to be named as one of Women’s Health’s New Wellness Stars to Watch and received the British Medical Journal Open Gastroenterology prize for her research in IBS.


Megan secured her first big research grant from the Medical Research Council to explore the role of different fibres in IBS.

Megan was also invited into the European Nutrition Leadership Platform, where she connected with international colleagues and investigated global nutrition challenges, which inspired her to think beyond research to translation.



Megan moved from Australia to the UK and joined King’s College London, where she continues to work as a Research Fellow leading research to investigate nutrition-based therapies in gut health.

Megan was honoured to receive the Dean’s Award top 5% for Outstanding Research Higher Degree, recognising her contribution to science.



Megan was struck by the sheer number of patients with kidney disease who were complaining of gut issues.

Megan was also working with Olympic athletes and a number of CEOs and found many of them suffered with gut issues too. After searching every scientific paper she could find, Megan still didn’t have any real answers – She couldn’t let it rest!

Megan dedicated her early twenties to a PhD in gut health, exploring the link between our gut and other organs. Fast-forward 3 years and it became clear to her that the gut wasn’t an isolated organ as we’d been taught – but in fact it’s central to our overall health and wellbeing. Through her PhD, she realised that by nourishing and caring for the gut, people could improve their lives in very real and often surprising ways, and she could help them to do this. This was the turning point for her and her love of the gut – Megan’s eyes were finally open to its power and promise.



Megan qualified as a dietitian with a first class honours in Dietetics from the University of Queensland.

While at the same time her world came crashing down when her grandma, the most caring soul, was taken by bowel cancer. She hated the gut for doing this to her.

Early years: where it all began

Growing up on a farm, good gut health was inherent to Megan’s lifestyle – playing in the dirt, eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Her mum was a science teacher who taught her there is no such thing as a silly question and instilled her inquisitive mindset, that would set her up for a career in science.

Brand Consultancy and Collaborations

At The Gut Health Doctor, we’re passionate about driving gut health education and initiatives to make it easier for people to look after their health from the inside out.

Bringing essential credibility and expertise, Dr Megan Rossi has worked with world-leading companies as a consultant, ambassador and spokesperson for events, recipe development, not only in food but across all areas of gut health and nutrition, spanning fitness, healthcare and lifestyle.

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