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Why we need mass reformulation of breakfast cereals


Most breakfast cereals are too high in sugar and low in fibre for children, according to WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines, and the European Commission is calling for mass reformulation.

Researchers looked at over 2,600 products (including 721 cereals) sold across 20 countries in the EU and found that 63% and 44% don’t meet the sugar and fibre levels, respectively, set out by WHO Europe for marketing to children – despite often being thought of as a ‘healthy’ option for our kids.

With a whopping 1.3 million tonnes of breakfast cereals being sold in just 1 year, I’m a strong believer that food companies have a responsibility to make our food products better nutritionally.

Yes, it might take a little more effort to make it work without stuffing in the added sugars and added salt… but it IS possible to make health and taste align!

That’s exactly why I wanted to create Bio&Me so I could provide truly better options packed with plant-based goodness – with no added sugar or added salt – without compromising on taste.

I’m so passionate about making changes in the food industry, especially as we know access and convenience is key to making healthier choices. We’re working hard to make it even easier and if you’re an online shopper, you can get Bio & Me at  and