What do stomach noises mean?

dr megan rossi with thought bubble

Ever heard of borborygmi? It’s the sciencey name for those rumbles and grumbles you might hear coming from your gut – and it’s totally normal!

It happens in all of us and it’s just normal movements of your gut, as food, fluid and gas is passing through.
Even if they seem really loud to you, chances are other people don’t notice them. But even if they do, it’s just your gut doing it thing aka sweeping itself ‘clean’ so don’t be embarrassed.
You might hear the noises more when you’re hungry, as they’re typically louder when your stomach is empty as food (and liquid) helps to muffle the noise.
Now you can tell whoever’s listening that it’s just some borborygmi.
If you’re feeling like yours are getting too loud or come with any other symptoms…
  •  Check-in with your stress and anxiety levels. The noises are often louder as your gut muscles tend to contract more aggressively.
  • Chat to your GP or physician to rule out other issues like IBS (it’s super common in IBS where you have incomplete digestion and/ over fermentation- check out my first book for practical strategies to help manage this)
  •  If you’re a fast eater, try slowing down with your meals and making sure to chew well

And, so you don’t say it wrong (like I often do) it’s pronounced BOR-boh-RIG-mee