Soya myths busted

Here’s what you need to know about the two most common myths!
“Soya messes with your hormones”
Soya foods contain isoflavones – and they’re classed as a phytoestrogen aka plant oestrogen. It’s true its structure is similar to oestrogen, but it’s NOT the same as oestrogen.
They act differently in the body and they don’t affect oestrogen levels.
A recent meta-analysis that pooled the results of 41 studies with over 1,750 men showed soya had no effect on testosterone or oestrogen levels
“Soya could increase risk of breast cancer”
Studies show soya is safe for women (including with breast cancer) – and even could reduce the risk by 10-20%
So why not add some soya to your diet for the polyphenols and plant protein.
Evidence suggests 1-2 servings a day could be beneficial for your health and the health of the planet. That could be 100g tofu or tempeh, 100g soya beans, 250ml soya drink, or 200g plain soya yoghurt (just the first two count to your plant points though).