Science-backed benefits of porridge

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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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With chilly mornings now a daily reality, you might already have started making a bowl of warming porridge your go-to brekkie. But know that this is one dish that comes buzzing with benefits, way beyond being a soothing way to start your day.
Check out these science-backed benefits of nourishing oats
  • They are packed with fibre, which, as you know, is integral to a thriving gut microbiome
  • Likewise, they are carb-rich (remember: carbs are vital to a happy gut microbiome and are not something to be scared of!)
  • Good source of plant protein, which can help with keeping you more satisfied throughout the morning
  • Oats are rich in beta-glucan, a type of fibre linked with lowering cholesterol (high blood cholesterol is a big risk factor for heart disease)
  • Struggle with constipation? Oats might help you, there. Studies in older people have shown that the outer layer of the grain (oat bran) can play a part in relieving the issue
Want to dial up your oats even further? Make your daily bowl a plant point bonanza: Go for my @bioandmeuk (which includes 13 different plants!) or make your own – drizzle with mixed nut butter, sprinkle with mixed seeds, stir in grated carrot and top with seasonal fruit.


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