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Nut butter stuffed dates with mixed seeds

One of my favourite go-to quick and easy snacks using just store cupboard essentials.

Dates and almonds are both good sources of prebiotics too - and making the most of the naturally occurring prebiotics in food is absolutely the best way to feed your GM Prebiotics are actually found in over 35,000 plant species & evidence suggests their benefits are linked with improving blood sugar control, regulating our appetite, supporting bone health & skin health.

There's no waiting or baking time needed for these treats either


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Nut butter stuffed dates
plant points


8 dates Mixed Seeds Nut butter, of your choice


Step 1

Slice and pit your dates

Step 2

Add the nut butter and sprinkle with some mixed seeds

Step 3

No cooking or waiting required, enjoy!

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1 comment


July 7, 2021 @ 5:45 am

Delicious, fibre filled snack.