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Mediterranean tofu frittata

Packed with 10 plant points and a protein punch from the tofu, it's a deliciously diverse way to get some extra veggies in.

Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch

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mediterranean frittata with sundried tomatoes
plant points


Serves 4

250g courgette, roughly chopped 1 aubergine, roughly chopped 1 sweet potato, roughly chopped 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp harissa 1 tsp oregano 2 red onions, cut into wedges 280g pack firm tofu, cut into cubes 10 eggs A handful of coriander, roughly chopped 4 sundried tomatoes, halved 5 cherry tomatoes, halved Mixed salad leaves, to serve


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 180C fan / 350F and line an 8 x 12-inch roasting tin with baking paper, making sure the paper overlaps the edges, so the frittata is easier to remove.

Step 2

Empty all of the vegetables, oil, 2 tbsp harissa and oregano into the tin and toss to coat. Spread evenly and then roast for 20-25 min, turning halfway through. Add the red onions and roast for a further 15 min.

Step 3

Toss the cubed tofu in the remaining 1tbsp harissa paste and set aside.

Step 4

Beat eggs with the chopped coriander, and then pour into the tin with the tofu and dot around the sundried and fresh tomatoes. Cook for about 25-35 min, until the egg is set.

Step 5

Leave to cool for 5 min and then remove using the extra baking paper at the sides of the tin. Serve with mixed leaves.

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