Powerful polyphenols

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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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They’re a type of plant chemical that we get in a bunch of our plant-based foods that are thought to boost our health that bit further.

The thing about polyphenols is that most of them (around 90%) skip through your small intestine to join your community of gut microbes in your large intestine, where we think the magic happens. Our microbes then help to transform them into chemicals that can be absorbed and have even been linked with reducing risk of cancer, as well as better heart and mental health.

Cinnamon is one of the top spices for packing in polyphenols – not only boosting the flavour of food, but are linked with health too! The humble apple (particularly the skin) is another top polyphenol food.

What about polyphenol supplements?

Well, in most cases the food sources are linked with the best health outcomes, so mix it up with different berries, nuts, herbs and spices.


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