Not adding vege to your bread? Here’s why you should…

Pistachio and the bread

If you’ve been cooking from ‘Eat More, Live Well,’ you might have noticed that I am a fan of adding veg into my bread recipes (there’s an entire grated carrot n my ‘Foolproof fermented wheaten bread’, for example!)

But WHY do I do this? Truth is, it’s not just because I think it makes your bread taste way more complex and flavourful. Rather, it’s also because there’s research showing the health benefits of veg-enriched loaves.

In one 2021 study, researchers looked at the impacts of veg-enriched bread versus commercial white bread and commercial brown bread on indicators including the appetites and insulin levels (I chat more about this hormone in the book!) of people participating.

The results showed that:

  1. When the participants ate the veg bread they reported feeling more satisfied (appetite regulation), versus when they ate the white or brown bread.
  2. They also experienced a lower insulin response with the veg bread.

RESEARCH TRANSLATION: This is what I’m all about! By baking a veg-packed loaf, you’re essentially translating this science into practice, making it a win for your taste buds and your overall health.

Have you tried my fermented wheaten bread recipe, yet?