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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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The gut-brain axis is pretty powerful and the latest evidence suggests that tapping into it could play a major role in our mental health.

It’s more important than ever to talk openly about our mental health. In fact, a new review has put the psychological effects of #covid19 and lockdown into perspective, with high rates of anxiety and stress levels becoming a public health priority (Xiong et al, 2020)


While we may not need a review to know that…you know me, all about the science!


Females and people younger than 40yrs were found to be most impacted, as well as those spending more time on social media or consuming more news about the virus. So think about setting some boundaries on your time reading pandemic news (especially when it’s fake!) and on social media. Give yourself time to switch off.


Now it’s no magic or quick fix, but why not give your gut some love to help reduce anxiety and stress.


  • Destress with mindfulness – Just 15 mins a day with a mindfulness/meditation app can make a significant difference and relax a stressed gut, give it a go for 8 weeks and see how you feel.


  • Up your plant points and fibre. Research shows a Mediterranean diet, super high in fibre (50g a day) and full of wholegrains, veggies, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds and extra virgin olive oil can significantly improve people’s mental health after 12 weeks.


  • Sleep – Feeling tired can have a big influence on your gut-brain axis and is a common trigger of gut symptoms.



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