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Gut health tip: go for whole and natural vs refined and ‘perfect!


Ditch the blanched nuts and keep the skins.


That means less waste and more nutrients too – it’s a win-win for you and your gut microbes. That’s why I worked hard to have skin-on almonds in Bio & Me gut-loving granola too – only the best for you guys!


Nuts for nuts? Generally, I tend to suggest aiming for 1 or 2 portions of nuts/seeds a day (alongside fruits, vege, wholegrains and legumes) to get your fill of fibre.


And if you’ve heard “nuts will make you fat”, let me ‘crack’ that nut myth.


  • First of all, I’m NOT about counting calories. Food is about so much more, so let’s stop stripping the fun out of our food. You know what they say, count the memories, not the calories!


  • Even if you were to look at the calories listed on your pack of nuts, they’re not as accurate as you may think – that’s because our human digestive system is different to the method of figuring out the calorie count in a lab. Almonds, for example, have actually been found to provide 30% fewer calories than the label. Just another reason not to focus on the calories!


  • It’s true nuts are high in fat – but these are ‘healthy’ fats, as well as providing a great source of plant protein, vitamins and minerals. Yes, it’s generally not a good idea to eat on a whole tub of nut butter every day (just as I wouldn’t recommend gorging on any one food, broccoli included), but let’s stop fearmongering about fats! It’s still all about diversity after all.