Do detoxes work?

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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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Do detoxes work?

The short answer: nope!


No special foods, juices, cleanses, teas, supplements or restrictive diets needed thanks!


What’s the science? 

Our bodies ‘detox’ themselves all the time – our liver, kidneys, lungs, gut, and skin have the process down to a finely tuned art. We are our own experts in removing waste products from our body, and our organs do it constantly in the background as we live our daily lives without the need or “help” of detox products.

The scary thing is that some of those detox products (often glorified laxatives) can do more harm than good and put you at risk of dehydration, diarrhoea, electrolyte disturbances and nutrient deficiencies.


What can you do?

To feel healthier and happier, focus on nourishing your body with a varied and balanced diet full of flavour, fibre and beneficial plant chemicals that our gut microbes love. It’s the best way to help keep your organs healthy and allow them to do what they were made to do!


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