Are allergies linked to poor gut health?

By The Gut Health Doctor Team

Dr Megan Rossi in a lab looking through a microscope

Clinic Tip of the Week

Here’s a brief rundown of what we understand about gut health and allergies.

An unbalanced microbiota (i.e., gut dysbiosis) is linked with a range of different conditions including allergies. HOWEVER, we don’t actually know what the perfect balance is for people’s gut bacteria.

When it comes to allergies, we don’t know the exact details of the link between changes in your gut bacteria and developing food allergy; we recognise that in the first three years of life, and how the bacteria teach the immune system, can impact the risk of food allergies occurring.

Take home

At the moment, we can’t say that poor gut health or dysbiosis directly causes allergies. Focus on that plant-based diversity as it helps keep our microbes happy!

If you need help managing a food allergy (or intolerance, which is different – see our other post on this!) then please seek support from your GP or physician)

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