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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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The biggest myth about looking after your gut (and overall) health is that you need to cut things out of your diet. It’s just not the case!

I’m always asked “what’s the one best thing I can eat for my gut health?” – and I totally get why it’s tempting to focus on the ‘best’ foods, especially when we’re constantly bombarded with messages of “5 best foods for your gut” alongside “5 foods to avoid that cause bloating”…

But fixating on only one or a few ‘best’ foods misses the key principle of good gut health: dietary diversity.

That’s where The Diversity Diet comes in – my inclusive science-backed way of eating for optimal health from the inside out.

The more diversity in your plant-based diet, the more diverse the nutrient supply for your GM (think dietary fibres, prebiotics and polyphenols). All in all, this equates to a well-fed and diverse range of happy gut microbes, each with their own unique skill set to look after us every day.

And keeping it sustainable, practical AND enjoyable is key. That’s exactly what the Plant Points Challenge has all been about, giving you a practical guide to embracing The Diversity Diet and transform your gut health for better overall health and wellbeing.

My key principles of The Diversity Diet:

  •  Enjoy at least 30 plant points a week across fruits, vege, wholegrains, legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices.
  •  Fill up on 30g fibre or more every day, aiming for 2 pieces of fruit, 5 portions of vege, 3 portions of wholegrains, 1-2 portions of nuts / seeds / legumes daily.
  •  Side your favourite treats with something fibre-filled for your microbes*


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