4 reasons to diversify your diet

By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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I want you to eat more. In fact, I want you to eat more *so* much that this very phrase forms half of the title of my new book: ‘Eat More, Live Well‘.

But, why? Well, so many reasons – as you’ll discover if you pick up the new release! One key component though, is this: diversifying what you eat, piling your plate with a constellation of plant-based foods and breaking out of repetitive meal habits (ever had the same lunch on repeat for weeks on end?) comes with reams of benefits.

Check out the below

  1. You’ll have a lower risk of nutritional deficiencies. Plants are abundant in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and phytochemicals (plant chemicals that can help to protect you from bad bacteria and viruses.) The more variety you eat, the lower your chance of becoming deficient in any one nutrient: meaning a better chance on staying on top of your health game.
  2. You’ll take greater pleasure in food. A more varied diet not only introduces a whole host of nutrients to your plate, it brings amazing tastes to your palate, too. Enjoying food has linked to longevity, plus studies demonstrate it also has a positive impact on digestion.
  3. Your overall nutrition will be better. This is because many nutrients found in plant foods work together to have an  additive benefit. The piperine contained in black pepper, for one, helps your body to absorb curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric – so a few grinds into your dhal can work wonders for getting the wins of this anti-inflammatory compound.
  4. Your GM will be more diverse. It’s not just better nutrition for you, but your gut microbes, too. The research shows that the more diverse the nutrients you supply your microbes, the more diverse your GM becomes.

Keen to learn more about why getting more plants on your plate can unlock incredible health benefits? Order ‘Eat More, Live Well’, via the link in my bio!


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