Why veg & grains are essential for your gut microbes

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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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Veggies and grains each day keep those hungry gut microbes at bay! Studies have shown eating plenty of fibre from whole foods can help protect our gut lining and reduce our susceptibility to infection.


That’s because depriving our gut microbes of the all-important fibre (i.e. with a low fibre Western diet) means they starve, which gives them no other option but to start gnawing away at our gut lining. This can also promote colitis (bowel inflammation) in those genetically susceptible…at least in animals.

Another reason I’d never recommend cutting out carbs! Fibre is a type of carb that feeds our gut microbes and is essential for our gut health. So next time someone pushes #keto #lowcarb #atkins #carnivore diets on you… please unfollow them!

How much fibre a day?

30g every day is the aim but sadly most of us are only getting about 18g. If you’re already hitting your 30g, why stop there! Studies show getting more could have even further health benefits.

Bottom line

Eat more high fibre foods to avoid hangry microbes! Time to fall in love with even more plants. Not just for your gut health, but for the health of just about every other organ in the body.


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