Why I’d never recommend cutting out grains!

By The Gut Health Doctor Team

Dr Megan Rossi in a lab looking through a microscope

The Paleo brigade might sound convincing… but please don’t cut out wholegrains thinking they’re ‘bad’ for you ? Here’s the science.

Fibre from wholegrains is not only good for your gut health, but studies show it can also…

  •  Reduce your chances of developing several diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer, to name just a few.
  • Lower the risk of breast cancer, while fibre from fruit and veg didn’t seem to have this same benefit i.e. different fibres benefit us in different ways.
  • A study with over 400k people found those who ate the most wholegrains reduced their risk of heart disease by more than 20%, vs those who ate the lowest amount.

If you’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease or are following a low FODMAP diet, that doesn’t mean you need to cut out wholegrains either – quinoa, buckwheat, teff and wild rice are great options (if coeliac double check they’re certified gluten-free). We’re working on that for Bio&Me!

I generally recommend aiming for 3 portions of wholegrains a day (alongside fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and legumes) to get your fibre needs.


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