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Your gut transformation stories

I am 53 years old and live in west London, from New Zealand. As a chef, I was always feeding others and making sure that they had the most wonderful meal experience, that I took little time to make sure I was looked after.

This finally took a toll on my bowel with constant constipation, which resulted in haemorrhoids and polyps and having to have several operations.

In 2019, I gave up my beloved career to concentrate on me and find a better life balance and thanks to Dr Rossi’s blogs, books and study I have managed to change my bowel habits. I went plant and fish based solidly for two years to get everything working again and only in the early 22 did I start to introduce meat again.

I am a huge advocate of Dr Rossi because it has changed my bowel habits and I am no longer constipated, or  running to the toilet. As a chef I love food and being over weight I was alway going for the low fat option. After learning how damaging those artificial sweeteners are I don’t use them, and since then I have seen my bowel has had a new lease of life – no cramping and gurgling, and then rushing to the bathroom.

Since following Dr Rossi my bowel is completing working as a bowel should.  I feel free and happy again. 

I want to thank you Dr Rossi for your time, knowledge and your never-ending giving in your busy schedule, it has helped me 100%.”