Supplements can’t replace real food!


And over-supplementing can come with unwanted side effects. More isn’t always better!

  • Many protein supplements have been shown to decrease health-promoting bacteria after just 10 weeks.
  • High dose vitamin C can cause gut upset in some people.
  •  Vitamin A over-supplementation has been linked to hair loss for some and chronic consumption could even cause liver damage.
Want my advice?
Try to get your nutrients from real whole foods, as Mother Nature has packaged up all these nutrients into our food in safer doses! And if you do need to supplement for whatever reason go with those backed by science.
What about fibre or prebiotic supplements?
While I might suggest supplements in some specific cases, taking advantage of naturally occurring prebiotics and fibre in real whole foods is the best way to feed your GM.
Keep in mind there are over 100 different types of fibre from all your plant-based foods full of colour. And you just can’t get all of that amazingness into a little man-made tablet.

Two supplements it could be worth thinking about? 

Vitamin D, especially in the winter months or if you’re spending more time indoors and Omega 3 if you don’t eat oily fish at least once per week.