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Is honey really as magical as you might hear?


Let’s bust some sticky myths… A lot of the claims just aren’t backed by science.

Myth: Honey is ‘better’ than normal sugar for your health

The science: it might come from nature, but the sugar in honey is very similar to white sugar (remember, table sugar comes from cane and beet plants too!) – and it’s still considered an ‘added sugar’. Your body can’t tell where the sugars have come from and breaks them down in the same way.

Myth: honey can improve your gut health

The science: it won’t do much for gut health!  Honey does contain more dietary fibre – BUT you’d have to eat 100g of honey to even get just 0.2g of fibre (that’s only 0.007% of our daily needs).

The same goes for the other gut-friendly micronutrients and plant chemicals. On paper, it does contain more than table sugar, but in real terms (i.e. average portion sizes) it’s negligible… so don’t be fooled by the marketing claims that are based on per 100g portions.

The bottom line: If you like the taste, a drizzle of honey here and there is absolutely fine (your dentist will tell you preferably at mealtimes!). It’s all about balance and moderation.

Just don’t pour it onto your porridge or pancakes thinking it has medicinal superpowers. Your gut and overall health will benefit more from using fibre-filled whole fruits to add sweetness instead. That way, you’re also getting up to 1,000% more beneficial nutrients too!