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Fermenting basics


Welcome to fermenting! My kefir grains are now back in stock so I can share my kefir passion with you guys.


Homemade kefir is super easy to make – it takes 2 mins to prep and then all you need to do is leave those microbes to work their magic. I work with an expert microbiologist to grow both water and dairy kefir grains, so they can go to new homes. Head over to the shop page to get yours.


Dairy kefir (fermented milk) is a cousin to yogurt, with a creamy texture and a whole lot of live microbes. The millions of microbes that live together in the kefir grains thrive on lactose (milk sugar) and make health-promoting chemicals (called organic acids), which gives kefir that refreshing bubble and slight sourness that I love (and so do my gut microbes!)


Water kefir (dairy-free) thrives on sucrose (table/cane sugar) as well as fructose (fruit sugar) to give you a fruity fizz.


Check out my book for a full fermenting guide and more on kefir. You’ll get full instructions with each pack of kefir grains too.


They’re a gift that keeps on giving too, they double in size every couple of weeks so you can share them with your friends, and if you show them plenty of love and care they can last a lifetime. Love watching my grains going to new homes and can’t wait to see how you get on with your own homemade kefir.


*UK only sorry, they might not do very well travelling further away!*