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Diversity not restriction!


I get pretty (ok, VERY) frustrated when I see headlines telling us to cut out a whole bunch of ‘bad’ foods, which diet culture would have you believe are the devil. Gluten, ‘starchy carbs’, nightshades, seeds, lectins, eggs, coffee and all dairy… the list is endless. But this is NOT based in real science, so let’s stop fearing food!*

What’s important when it comes to gut health is the DIVERSITY of food. The higher the number of different plant-based foods you eat, typically the more diverse your gut bacteria. And this diversity is linked to better gut AND overall health, including better heart, skin and brain health!

My top tip: Try to get 30 plant points every week! That’s 30 different types of plant-based foods, the more variety, the better.

In fact, studies have shown that it’s this diversity that matters the most, whether or not they’re sided with some animal products, chocolate or sweet treats…

I know it can be tempting to restrict your diet long term if you’re getting gut symptoms, but it’s important not to. What’s more, feeling stressed about what to eat can trigger gut symptoms themselves. Enter the vicious cycle I see all too often at The Gut Health Clinic.

Let’s bring back the enjoyment of food as well as all the amazing flavours and colours Mother Nature has to offer. Are you in?

*There are of course exceptions for those with any diagnosed food allergies or coeliacs avoiding gluten, but this is a very small proportion!