Could rearranging our supermarkets change the way we eat?

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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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New study hot off the press shows simply rearranging our supermarkets could mean we eat almost 10,000 extra portions of fruit and veg every week!
Researchers swapped the classic confectionary at supermarket checkouts with non-food items and water.
They also expanded the fruit and veg selection and moved it nearer to the store entrance.
And the results were pretty striking…
– confectionery sales decreased across the stores by more than 1,500 weekly
– fruit and veg sales increased in each store by nearly 10,000 items each week!
So what do you guys reckon… is changing the layout of our supermarkets the answer to healthier food choices? Out of sight, out of mind?
Let me know below if you think the layout of the store could affect what’s in your food shop!
Full disclosure
This was a pilot study and the trial was only done in 3 UK supermarkets, so we can’t say for sure if the same will apply across the country or internationally in more stores – but it looks pretty promising to me, don’t you think!


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