Could coffee have similar benefits to plant foods?

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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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Coffee-lovers I have good news… you absolutely don’t need to cut it out for good gut health!  A new review suggests ‘coffee could have similar benefits to fruit and veg’… 

Okay, suggesting coffee matches up to other plant foods is a bit of stretch, even if it does make for a great headline… Let’s not forget about the all-important fibre that we don’t get in coffee!
BUT there are science-backed benefits linked to drinking coffee on the regular (1 or 2 each day) – from lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, liver disease and certain cancers.
And that includes extra health-promoting effects happening in the gut too, as coffee may have a prebiotic effect (remember a prebiotic is food for beneficial microbes!)

Disclosure: the caffeine in coffee may cause chaos with some. How? It can increase the stress hormone cortisol as well as interfere with your gut movements. So if you’re prone to anxiety or diarrhoea predominant IBS, it’s best to opt for decaf coffee.


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