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By The Gut Health Doctor Team

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Did you know breastfed babies tend to not just have more beneficial gut bacteria but ‘stronger’ guts too?

This is all thanks to the third of breast milk that’s prebiotic (food for bub’s microbes, not bub!) as well it teaming with live microbes, and immune-supporting chemicals.
BUT it’s often the biggest challenge for so many mums, myself included! Everyone’s breastfeeding challenges are different, for some it’s mastitis (which I’ll dive into in another post!), others it’s food allergies, the list is extensive.
For me, it was the effects of stress on my milk supply, which lead to more stress (and more cortisol, the stress hormone, in my milk!). I was stressed about being stressed, and so the vicious cycle began. Thankfully I was able to ask my mum and hubby for help- so if you are struggling please speak up and get the help you deserve!
This is a judgement-free zone. If breastfeeding isn’t an option for you, don’t worry. There are lots of other things you can do to nourish your little one’s gut health…
  • Try to avoid unnecessary antibiotics and medications. Of course, when they need them, take them. But if your GP or physician advises they’re not needed, do listen to them.
  •  Play in the garden. Don’t be afraid of them getting a little dirty in the outdoors – it’ll expose them to a diverse range of nature’s microbes.
  • Got a fury pet? Let them play* (under close supervision of course!). Having furry pets is linked to a more diverse GM and lower risk of allergies in bubs.
  • Feed their gut bacteria. Bub’s thrive on plant points too! When they’re eating solid foods, nourish them with a variety of vegetables (try to start with these first, more on this soon!), wholegrains, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds.

*for the first three months best to limit direct contact, especially if bub has any immune issues.


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