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4 reasons to stop counting calories


Step off the scales, put down the calorie counting calculator and just eat more plants!


Here are 4 reasons to stop counting calories…


  • Food is SO much more than just calories. Our plant-based foods are packed with 1000s of different nutrients and health-promoting chemicals.  Food is to be ENJOYED, it’s about culture, family, connection.


  • The whole idea of ‘calories in and calories out’ for energy balance is outdated and just so wrong. Most of the calories listed on your food packet or that tracking app aren’t all that accurate – because it’s been calculated in a lab, not in humans.  And humans, with our complex digestive systems, don’t extract every last calorie – especially from whole plant foods.


  •  If it helps with weight management you’re after, focus on FIBRE. Studies show it’s often fibre intake (regardless of total calories or type of diet) that lead to a healthier weight, whatever that looks like for you. That’s because your gut microbes are linked to your metabolism as well as regulating appetite.


  • Calories aren’t made equal. Sure, a KitKat and a banana might contain similar calories, but your GM will feast on all the plant goodness in the banana.


Bottom-line: Calorie counting is my version of healthy-eating hell.


So if you’re counting anything, let it be plants!