3 reasons NOT to do keto!

Keto is one food fad I’d never follow* Carbs have been unfairly stigmatised – but they’re not to be feared. So it’s time for some myth-busting.
1. You could starve your gut bacteria.
Fibre is a carb and it’s SO important for nourishing our gut microbes. If you cut carbs, you also cut important sources of fibre and this can have a negative impact on your gut bacteria.
2. Cutting wholegrains could affect your risk of heart issues.
Wholegrains (and other plant foods full of carbs) are linked to better heart health. In fact, a study with over 400k people found those who ate the most wholegrains reduced their risk of heart disease by more than 20%!
3. It could cause constipation.
Not eating enough fibre could lead to you being a bit bunged up – whereas eating plenty of wholegrain fibre can help add bulk to the poop, giving your gut muscles more to work with for a smooth transit.
*outside of select case-by-case medical reasons and fully supervised!