Pistachio & chocolate pots

Creamy, chocolatey and super quick to make with a prebiotic punch from the dates and pistachios... letting those gut microbes indulge too.


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pistachio and chocolate pots
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Serves 6

180g 70%+ dark chocolate 400ml almond milk (or any plant milk) 1 avocado 100g pistachios, reserve 40g for topping 12 Medjool dates (or 240g of pitted dates, soaked in warm water) 40g raspberries


Step 1

Roughly chop the chocolate, and then melt in the microwave in 30s increments or using a double boiler until smooth and glossy.

Step 2

In a blender or food processor, combine the almond milk, avocado, dates and 60g of the pistachios. Blend on high until everything is combined and smooth.

Step 3

Add the melted chocolate slowly and blend again.

Step 4

Pour into small jars or glasses. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours until set or freeze for 2.

Step 5

Top with crushed pistachios and a few raspberries, and enjoy!

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