Your gut transformation stories

I started following Dr Rossi when I heard her on Brian Keane’s podcast a few years ago. I purchased the first book (Ear Yourself Healthy / Love Your Gut) and continued to follow Megan with interest. Initially I didn’t make any changes to my diet as I never had any gut health issues and  I considered myself to be relatively ‘healthy’.

Following the first Covid vaccine, I started to have various joint/muscle weakness and inflammation issues . By December 2021 I was advised that I was very low in iron . I got the second book (Eat More, Live Well / How To Eat More Plants) and started to look at how I could improve my iron from foods as I am not a fan of medication. I made a few subtle changes to improve the variety of vegetables I was eating and to add beans , nuts , seeds , more legumes etc. The majority of my meals are recipes from the book and the only bread I consume is the wheaten bread.

Within approx 6 weeks of these subtle changes my energy levels started to improve and within 12 weeks they returned to normal levels and have thankfully stayed that way!

I am very grateful for the improvements I have been able to make and astonished at how much I have learned during this process.