5 ways to use kefir: Very Berry Kefir Smoothie & Elderflower Kefir Cocktail

I love making my own kefir at home - and love seeing my kefir grains going to new homes too! There are so many delicious ways you can enjoy it too, so time to get experimenting (especially if you're not quite there with the taste yet - just like wine, you'll come to love it)

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Very Berry Kefir Smoothie (dairy kefir)

1 frozen banana ? 250ml dairy kefir 100g frozen mixed berries ? 1 pitted date. Add all the ingredients to a blender and buzz until smooth. Top with granola if you like.

Elderflower Kefir Cocktail (water kefir)

1 shot of gin (25ml) 20ml elderflower cordial A few slices of cucumber? A few ice cubes & mint leaves Mix together in a glass, fill to the top with water kefir, add some extra slices of cucumber and a sprig of mint

How to use kefir

? Add to a smoothie or lassi with extra greens and fruits.

? Make a creamy salad dressing.

? Ferment your overnight oats - recipe in my book, link in my bio.

? Freeze as homemade ice cream or lollies.

? Swap in as a mixer for a refreshing summer cocktail. No one said gin was off the menu...

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