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Pregnancy nutrition tips

Turns out microbes aren’t the only thing I’ve been growing in my belly! 
You guys must have guessed early because I’ve been getting lots of questions about staying healthy during pregnancy lately. The most important thing is that everyone’s different and you have to do what feels right for you personally – without any guilt! Happy mum, happy baby.
Here are my top tips to combat morning sickness (with both my professional and personal hats on).
▪️ Snacking on complex carbs every few hours really does help settle the gut, so things like sourdough, cold oats and whole grain crackers. This can also help prevent the pregnancy constipation.
▪️ Make the most of the days you’re feeling good to pre-prepare salty high fibre snacks for the tough days, like seedy crackers, salted roasted legumes (beans and pulses) and nuts. My seeded crackers with quality cheese, tomato and beetroot was a go-to!
  • Opting for colder foods can help as it avoids the strong smells – a common nausea trigger. Try having cold roasted vege, and fresh fruit can be really refreshing too.
  • Add ginger, which can ease nausea (but best chat to your HCP first as there are some contraindications). I loved ginger chews!
  • Little and often, try 6-8 smaller more frequent meals throughout the day.
  • Don’t try to force a salad down you if it’s going to make you sick! Instead, go for more comforting meals and add in some fibre goodness where you can – such as lentils and spinach in your pasta sauce. Greens were a real struggle from me, so I hid them in cold egg dishes like frittata and blended them in smoothies.
I know pregnancy is a real gift. Thinking of those who are trying for their magical moment.